bounce db 并解决restricted mode的问题

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Bounce database

在cdb模式下: alter pluggable database HRUPGUAT close immediate instances=all;

alter pluggable database HRUPGUAT OPEN instances=all;

但执行两个query后,pdb HRUPGUAT 是restricted mode,查询alert_log: select value from v$diag_info;


select time, name, cause, type, action, message from pdb_plug_in_violations where status<>'RESOLVED';

发现是过去patching没有完全patch成功,但可以用以下code来取消restricted 1.在 pdb下:shutdown immediate 2.在 cdb下:alter pluggable database all save state 3.在 pdb下:alter database open 4.在 cdb下:alter plugable database all save state


This command will take the current state of the PDB and preserve that mode after the CDB is restarted.

Saved State is a feature in 12.1. 0.2 for saved the OPEN state of all PDBS when CDB is restart. It will bring PDBs to same state if it open then it bring the PDB in Open State or if PDB is closed when CDB restart then it bring PDB in closed state.

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